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We loved you so much...
that we were delighted to share with you, not only the Gospel of God, but our LIVES as well! 1 Thess 2:8

Drew and Tracey . com is the quick and easy-to-remember way to find us. Fill out a form to e-mail us, and click to our Facebook pages to see what we’re up to today, or browse around this site to see where we’ve been.

Who are Drew and Tracey ?? Well… Drew and Tracey two of God’s kids who love playing in His sandbox. We’ve got Jesus for a brother and we’re heirs to the throne. We are foster parents. We are substitute teachers. We are tutors, life coaches, consultants on everything from basic math to cooking to weight loss & nutrition to budgeting, to presentations and project management. We are sporting event staff. We are home repair enthusiasts (Mr. and Mrs. Fix it) for all that "isn’t as it should be" around your house. We are goal and solution oriented. We are web developers and computer repair technicians. We emphasize excellence in everything we do. Oh yeah, and in our spare time, we build bunk beds, and take teenagers out water skiing, crabbing, and tubing when we’re not playing Ultimate Frisbee or out backpacking in the Appalachians. Water Skiing

Not your average tutor We care about teenagers and we take every opportunity to mentor, disciple, grow, and train young people in the men and women that God has created and called them to be. It’s not uncommon for us to have someone over for lunch or dinner and pray with them through whatever issue is bothering them or walk them through remitting the generational & ancestral sin of their fathers and their father’s fathers . The really neat part is that God brings most all of these teenagers to us about the same time that the spaghetti is hitting the fan in their lives.

You can read our newsletters on the Ministry Page for more details about how you can help us help struggling teens.

If you’d like to hire us to help you with something pop on over to www.CopeHomeServices.com for the details on what we can do for you. Blessings!!

-- Tracey & Drew Cope --

Adrian parked in front of our cabin in Richmond VATracey in front of a Mountain in VT before a climbDrew & Tim rest during a VT hike to take in the viewRoute One at Sunset

Drew & Tracey received their Bachelor of Arts in Youth Ministry from Eastern University in 2001 & 2004.

We minister with the Ground Zero Youth Ministry and Cross Fire / Image Quest.